Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yes, I Admit It, I'm An Edithist

Alright, I can't take it. In solidarity with Edith, here's my take on some of the crazy shit E has been saying.

First of all, let me respond to this bit of loveliness: "The young & very naive Edith is actually bringing women down." Hmmm. I like how being young is a really relevant point of criticism of someone's opinion. Yep. Edith sure is the bigot on this one.

I also like this jab: "Now if some impressionable little girl has the misfortune of reading your blog, she may just come to the conclusion that unless she partners up with a woman later in life, there is no way for her be a feminist in any shape or form." Yep. I know that when I was an impressionable little girl the worst thing for me was reading feminist essays and debates. How dare someone tell a little girl that giving blow jobs is anything BUT empowering and feminist!

Second of all, our blog is certainly an open space for dialogue and just plain old bitching. Feel free to critique what we say. We encourage you to argue with us and disagree with our thoughts. But for crying out loud, would you fucking read our posts before you launch into a tirade about how "She is saying that the only way you can want the world to be better for women is if you sleep with other women" or just go ahead and assume we are just like some other woman you know who's been a real bitch to you. Pretty please?

Last I checked, and I do check often, I'm mostly straight. And also last I checked, I was a co-author on this blog. Yes. Edith the "Heterophobic" One (nice turn of phrase there), as I so often like to refer to her, has partnered with me on this blog just to throw you all off of her terrible, terrible homosexist (look I can play this game too!) trail.

Also note how Edith's precise words in her post are, "Heterosexuality is NOT implicitly feminist." Allow me to define the word implicit since E was so kind as to define feminism for us. It means "the implied content of something, contained in the nature of something though not readily apparent." Seems to me there are both sexist and feminist straight people out there. And it also seems to me that nothing about someone's sexual orientation or their choice to actively participate in the giving of blow jobs implies anything about whether or not they believe in the need for equality between men and women. Note how Edith was responding to people who did in fact claim that blow jobs, the act itself, were specifically feminist.

Further, it seems to me that lesbian separatist feminists aren't exactly the people in power in the feminist community or, you know, in ANY community. As far as I know, there aren't any steadily growing armies of lesbians who are about to convert you to their ways at gun point. I'm not a lesbian, but I completely respect how essential lesbianism might be to some women's concept of what a feminist is. You know why? Because I believe that every woman has a right, and should be encouraged whenever possible, to create their own definition of feminism even if that is "mean" at times, even if that definition can be exclusionary. We ALL have our own criteria, as E so kindly demonstrated for us by noting that, according to her definitions, Edith is a sexist bitch. If that's how you feel about it, great. I'm just glad you're a feminist in the first place.

We ARE allowed to decide what feminism means to us on our own blog. And by all means, we love hearing your responses to us, explaining how your feminism differs and why. That is how the feminist community grows and changes. There are all different kinds of sects within feminism, there are all different kinds of people who are feminists. We may write things in an inflammatory way, but I assure you we are aware of that diversity and we love it.


Blogger Edith said...

You refer to be as "the Heterophobic One" ... in BED, 'cause you LIKE to!


Ahh, nothing like some good S/M humor on our radfem blog, yes? Yes, I think so. I also need to drink less coffee at midnight, I think.

12:38 AM  
Blogger Edith said...

"Coffee" is not a euphemism for "beer" by the way. Sorry about the poor spelling, grammar et al.

Why do we pretend to be blogging for others when we're really just blogging for our own amusement? I am pro-Vicky.

12:45 AM  
Blogger Phemisaurus Terribilis said...

I'm really disappointed with you two pseudo-mean feminists. Let's face it. You are not mean at all are you. Confess!

I mean, just look at Elise. Now there's a mean feminist if I ever saw one. She has so much to teach us all. Like, who'd have thought calling other feminists 'bigoted bitches' could be such a constructive way of engaging with other women?

1:53 AM  
Blogger Edith said...

Phemi, we are TOO mean feminists! See, I just called you "Phemi" without even asking for permission! And I just spat in your face, just right now! And now I'm laughing! HAHAHAHA! Phemi has spit in her face!!

But that's awful mean of you, comparing us to Elise and finding OUR meanness lacking in the face of hers. Well done!

(By the way, the word verification I have up now is "fssux" which I take it to mean, "FS SUX!" I don't know who/what FS is, but I'm sure you are glad to know that Blogger is having a mean moment, too.)

2:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also entertained by this blog. Also I asked a man recently (myself!) why womens' shorts don't have pockets and he was like: You stupid. They don't have pockets because women want/need to carry all their belongings in clunky purses that can hold makeup and tampons and diaphrams and all that other shit women need to carry around because they enjoy it.

Also I have a request, you should do a post about the word bitch as a verb as in "bitching about" stuff as I noticed both of you have used that to describe what you are doing on this blog. however I think that word gives the connotation of a lack of importance to what is being said in general while obviously gendering it as well. Might these be related (gee what a setup)? I dunno, it could be interesting, but it could be GAY.


10:52 PM  

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