Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Quoth some douchebag, in the midst of an argument in which said douchebag actually argues that women are "immature" for preferring gynecological care from a female. Let's not even go into the absolute ridiculousness of any man telling women absolutely anything about their gynecological choices. Check this shit out, bolding of sheer insanity mine:

"What really gets me is the idea of 'male privilege.' Prior to industrialization, most men were farmers, fishermen, and at best shop-workers. I do not see how privilege fits into that in any way. THOSE MEN HAD NO POWER . . . I am not saying that large numbers of women were not oppressed in the private sphere, but that those forms of oppression were, in some way, equivalent to those of men. No one had power. And frankly, thank God (?) that MEN created the bicycle, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and so on that reduced the economic value of "women's work", allowing women to pursue other activities . . . What I am saying contradicts a standard feminist narrative -- that men were also oppressed, if less oppressed than women; that men worked very hard and risked their lives to provide for their wives and families; and that it was men's hard work and science that provided the economic conditions for women's liberation. . . What gets me is that I AM a feminist! First-wave feminism -- no question (LOL!). Second-wave (right to work, culturally equal treatment) -- sure. Third-wave (respecting distinctively feminine characteristics) -- I couldn't imagine a world without women, without their charms, without their caring and emotional approach to things (forgive the stereotype)."


Ladies, I think we should take a moment to thank this fellow, and all men really, for creating the vacuum cleaner. Because without a vacuum cleaner, how would we have ever had the time to hobble together a liberation movement? I mean there would have been WAY too much cleaning to get done for us to pencil it in. And like, you know, even though sometimes it seems like men hate you, really they're feminists! Why, they couldn't imagine living without your "charms!" Sisters, let's go ahead and give some credit where it's due.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Mean Feminists LIVE!!!

So Vicky and I haven't posted in a looooong time, but we are STILL around. Unequivocally, this absence has been my fault. Some weirdness in Blogger didn't let Vicky post, and I've been too lazy to fix it -- I'm pretty sure it works now.

It's not that I didn't have anything to contribute here. It's more like I had so much, I didn't know where to begin.

Some changes will probably be implemented here. We might move, possibly. We obviously need to clean up our links and all of that, so it might be a good idea to reintroduce ourselves on a brand-new site. Obviously, a link will be provided!

For those of you that still check here periodically, my sincerest apologies. Many of you have moved on, I don't doubt. Many feminist blogs have died in the past year or so, which follows, since most of our blogs started around the same time. The natural cycle, and such.

Since we have not been active, I've been somewhat surprised about the fact that our posts still generate a good deal of comments. However, not many of our comments lately have been positive and are clearly coming from non-feminist sources. Since we allow anyone to comment, there have been a lot of pretty awful comments. This, in turn, hasn't motivated me to return here.

Although I originally instituted to open comment policy because I was trying to differentiate our blog from typical "safe space" feminist blogs, I may reconsider this.

So, hello! I'm glad to be back, and hopefully we can get this place running again.